Rifling Twist Rate Advice

Leica Amplus 6


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I shoot three centrefire calibres & would like to use premium bullets for deer stalking at the greatest bullet weight possible,yet I don't want to buy 100 bullets and find out they wont stabilise!

My .223 is 1in12,will 60gn be too much?

My 7-08 seems with the rod to be 1in8.5",will 150gn be the limit?

The .308 is 1in11",how heavy can I go to have a different rifle from the 7mil?

Although the rate on the 7-08 seems quite tight I have had excellent results with 130gr bullets.

Any advise would be great, Danny


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That's really useful,thanks. If I can use reasonably heavy bullets in the ..308, I will use something that's middle of the road for the 7mm.
I always hoped the .223 would shoot 60gr bullets,I fancy giving nosler partitions a go,to avoid shooting roe with varminting bullets.
No need to email the formula,your post has answered my question,cheers.
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