Rizini shotgun opinions


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Hi all I am thinking of changing my main shotgun. I have seen a few rizini guns for sale. Not the cheap ones. And was wondering what they are like?
Regards Dan

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E Rizzini is now Fausti. My Lincoln 10-bore has Stefano Fausti on the top barrel in very small lettering. They are no longer made.
What do you currently have? If it's a Baikal then, yes, a Rizzini is probably better finished. Will it kill better? Maybe not but it'll kill with panache. If you've currently a Beretta, Browning or Miroku then it'd be down to the individual features of the individual gun IMHO.


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At the moment I shoot a beretta sp1.
I can shoot ok with it but I just fancy a change. Lots of people have a standard beretta just fancy something different but in my local shops it's all beretta browning Lincoln nothing nice.
I do have a nice English side by side but that is more sentimental and will only be used occasionally.
Regards Dan

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A lot here in leicestershire use Brownings but quite a few like a Miroku with a wood upgrade and which, in I think all models are still hand checkered and in some hand engraved? Certainly the wood looks very nice.


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I've handled a B Rizzini in a shop, Mcloys in Ireland. He had a wall full of them, and the one I picked up was a sixteen bore. It felt very nice, shouldered nicely, balanced well, nicely figured wood, and felt mechanically of good quality.
But, pretty guns invariably feel nice in the shop. I have learned, to my expense, that the words of wisdom told to me many years ago are true, "There's no substitute for just putting thousands of cartridges through your gun to know it and shoot it". Obviously, if it doesn't fit, have it fitted. Then you proceed t shoot it and shoot it until you know what you and it do together.


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I've shot several 12g examples and they're OK, but at the risk of being conventional, still not a patch on a used Beretta, browning or Miroku at the same price.

I currently have Beretta 12g semi auto and O/U for clays, FAC Benelli M2, Miroku MK70 for the field, Ugartechea SBS and Bettinsoli 20g for walked up, so find something that speaks to you and that fits. Anything more exotic or obscure could be difficult to get spares for, but whatever, enjoy! Just make sure it fits you and suits what you want it for.
As others have alluded to, there are multiple Rizzini companies that make guns of varying quality. I think it is "B Rizzini" that make the good looking guns that most people think of when they hear the name.
I've shot a few over the last couple of years. Nice, very good looking guns. This might be getting fussy but they can be quite low in the comb for those of us with long, giraffe type necks.
Their 20 bores are beautiful guns, recently shot one and would happily have, money aside, bought it. The 12 bore I shot with it felt a bit barrel heavy but I got used to it quickly. The stocks are amazing for the money.
Certainly worth consideration! I spoke to Matt Clark, the Sporting Gun editor who has been doing some reviews on them recently and he said that it is thought that the William Powell own brand guns are pretty similar to the Rizzinis, potentially worth a look on the same lines?

As an aside, certainly not a normal every day gun, I shot their ribless game gun last year at Ian Coley's, that was quite something!

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My wife and daughter share a B Rizzini 20 Bore - nice little gun. I bought it for £250 of an SD member ten years ago. It shoots well, reasonably well finished and has n't missed a beat. Personally I struggle with the single trigger, but then I have always had twin trigger shotguns - not the fault of the gun, just my brain. I have the same issue with my Franchi semi-auto - keep looking for the back trigger.

I shot and uses Berreta's - I am sure they are good guns, but for me they have no soul - they don't feel alive. I think the Rizzini or Cesar Gueruni's are just nicer handling - they feel a bit more alive. Personally have a good look at the Browning Hunters, or if you can find one a Merkel or a good AyA Coral.