Robbery with air rifle..................!

Rake Aboot

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Yes, but is it an air rifle,,?? or a rimmy. Certainly, the guy that got robbed had no chance of knowing.
ARMED robbery, whatever the arm.


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my PCP will go through 4" pine board at that range!!

screw that, no-one gets paid enough to put up with armed robbery as a potential part of their daily life


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Yep the guy did the right thing give him the cash and stay out the way even a shot in the head from and airgunbbs could very easily be fatal


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I thought exactly the same thing when I saw it last night "that's an air rifle!".... but as said above, it doesn't really change much for the guy holding the security box who has less than a second to choose. Doubt he'd be able to fight off two of them either way.

even a shot in the head from and airgunbbs

You gotta love autocorrect :lol:


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Tis is just down the road from me and I tried to work out what it was but to hard to tell but sod the money what ever it was its insured so why be a hero