Available: Roe Buck Stalking - Pitlochry - Saturday 20th April 2013


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This is the first client day of the season. This is mainly for hill bucks out on the moorland but potentially lowland bucks as well, great experience and challenging stalking. The stalking is guided and aided using 4 x 4 and quad for better access.

£100 for the outing (first light - lunchtime generally 6 hours+ on the hill) + £50 per buck shot, regardless of size!

Venison can be purchased at the current game dealers rate.

Accommodation can be arranged via the estate for £30 for bed and breakfast.

For more information, photos, terms etc please visit the website - http://scottishstalking.yolasite.com

More dates to follow but this is the first!

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Had someone cancel at the last minute. £75 outing fee, £50 per buck regardless of size, this price for this day only, first day of season. Can meet on Saturday morning from central belt and run to stalking ground if that suits. PM for more info.