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I gave Foxdropper a ring this afternoon,but,he was busy fishing with his lad,so,I popped out for a couple of hours on my own.I got to the farm,and,parked in the field.I glassed the fields that I could see,and,the fields on the opposite side of the valley,that aren't on my permission(yet),but,nothing moving.I have been to this farm 3 times lately without seeing a Buck,and,I was hoping this might change today.I walked down the side of the first field,and,then I saw the farmer had put some young bullocks in there,which meant they would be in 3 of the fields,probably making it unlikely to find a deer at all in those fields,but,I carried on.This place used to be a deer farm,and,they still have all of the very big chainlink gates,that have the most contrived catches you have ever seen.It makes it very hard to open the gates without making some sort of noise,and,that coupled with 15 bullocks tearing around the field like their arses were on fire made me feel like it wasn't going to be my day.I was into the 3rd field,and,to keep away from the rest of the bullocks,I kept really tight to the top hedge line,and,when I got to the top corner of that field,I glassed the next field.There is a stream running all the way along the bottom perimeter,and,it is very windy,so,it gives the deer etc. plenty of places to hide up,and,I thought that I saw something move under the lower branches of the alder trees that line the stream.Sure enough,there was a deer,but,I couldn't make out the head or the arse,and,I thought it might be a Doe that I saw the other evening,because it was really red like she was.But,as it slowly moved out into the open,I could plainly see it was a Buck,and,it was moving out from the shelter,and,towards me.He was about 150yds away at first,but,he was certainly moving at a fair pace,and,closing fast,and,just as it was all going to plan,he went down behind a dip,and,out of sight.The farmer has left a strip of long grass on a steep bank,and,he then appeared in the grass,and carried on coming towards me(it was back on).I had to stalk down the hedge line to be in with a shot now,as he had gone a bit too far,and,I was worried that I wouldn't get a shot without having to get into the same field as he was in,and,that meant getting over an old rickety gate that is tied with baler twine(he does love his baler twine lol).I got down to as far as I thought I could get without spooking him,and,I carefully looked over a lopped off hazel stand in the hedge,and,there he was just standing there almost side on,so,I slowly lifted the Remmy up onto the hazel stand,and,used it as a rest.I waited for about 20-30 secs,which felt like forever for him to give me a broadside shot,and then CRACK.....Thwap!!! and,he fell excatly where he stood,and,never flinched again.I reloaded,and,waited a couple of minutes,just in case another one had been hidden under the trees,but,nothing else there today.He isn't what you might call a 'Gold Medal' Buck....probably more like a 'Lead Medal' Buck,but,he will help to replenish the freezer.
I'm sorry I go on a bit,but,I do like to relive the experience when I type it out.Here's a couple of pics for you ..........




Oh,and here is a nifty bit of kit I got at the local Farmers shop for(I think)about £5,really handy for a single Roe or a Fallow or even 2-3 Munties........................

I've just realised that it looks a bit dark in the pics,but,it was because the flash went off on the compact.......honest.


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Well done ReM, I'm glad you like typing the stories out because I like reading them.

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