Roe Buck


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Just snapped this roe from the bedroom window, the field is next door to the house, shame I cant shoot it as I have seen roe and muntjack in there.

On a closer look he seems to have a problem with his jaw??




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Nice pics

Sometimes they develop an abscess in the jaw when a twig or thorn gets stuck in the gum. A good cull buck.



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I hate to think of it suffering, shame there is zero chance of getting permission there, as I have an ideal high seat, my house!!!



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Can you not ask for permission to shot the buck due to its state of poor health and obvivous suffering? It looks rather skinny.


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Last years fawn Buck by the looks, that has a nasty abcess. This deer needs taking out, it must be in great pain and will obviously have difficulty in feeding itself.

Things will only get worse, might be worth explaining to the owner of the ground what needs to be done, and show them the piccys.


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I fear even if I showed the pictures I would not get any where...they will not entertain any shooting of any sort. I used to have permission in that field for a veg patch and used to manage the whole field, cutting back the scrub and generally looking after it. The owners are now in a legal battle of ownership since their father died, I was the first casualty of that battle 5 years ago.

I will keep an eye out for the buck and hope he manages OK.