Roe Bucks in Warwickshire


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Last night went over to Warwickshire to catch up with Rickski55 off this site for an evening on the roe bucks, first time on the Bucks this year. Rick dropped me of at a farm i have stalked before, and took another client to another area he has.

Within ten minutes stalked on to a doe with twins in a field full of Daisy's, then about 100 mtrs away a nice 6 pointer stood up watched him walk down the headland and into the wood. I was only after a cull carried on into the next field and in the corner of that field was another nice 6 pointer let him disappear and on my way.

Spent 30mins in a high seat then carried on my way stalking the headland between the wood and crop, rounded the corner movement caught my eye and a smaller 6 pointer was coming out of the wood into the crop at about 120mtrs. Decided to take this one dropped on the spot to a shot to the back of the neck.

Did the gralloch and carried on to the end of the wooded area, more movement this time a fox down in one. Went back to pick up Buck carrying it back to the pickup point I bump another nice buck. Drop it off at gateway with plenty of time left I decide to stalk down the side of another wooded area within 5 mins I see movement in front of me a small 4 pointer browsing the hedge line, another shot to the back of the neck number 2 down.

Thanks for for a great evenings stalking Rick won't be long before I am back.



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