Roe bucks stalking in Romania


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Hi all,

Haven’t posted for a while.

I am looking for roe buck stalking opportunities in Romania for May 2024. As most brokers charged various thousands just to introduce you to a local guide (I guess this is what being a broker means :)), I was wondering if anyone had any local contacts to share by any chance?

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Hi, I recently had some enquiries made on my behalf. The land was i hour south-west of Bucharest. 100 euros per day for the guide, a hind would cost 400 euros. If you want the carcass 5 euro per kg. I was told these are the going rates for foreigners. If I had residency it would be considerably cheaper.

Taking your own rifle seemed to be quite a headache. I was told to obtain an official translation of my FAC and hunting licence, then I could rent a rifle at 50 euros per day and buy ammunition. Hope this helps.