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Hi Guys

l am looking to buy a roe call but i lack the knowledge of what is the best one to use and techniques on how best to use it , i have been advised on the buttalo and was told it is best used during and after a thunderstorm , can anyone give me some enlightenment on this :confused: :confused:


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As a huge generalisation woodland roe dont like being rained on so after a deluge it will bring them out to the forest edge.
I use a Butolo and it works great on getting roe does to come running up to you with the fiep tone. Bucks should follow the doe.
Their website is quite good and gives samples of tones and patterns.



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Yep agree there, Butolo are great, I had a doe this sunday within 30yds of me. In fact I called it out twice, and on the last time my friend took some photos with his camera.

Dont know about the rest of you guys, but the rut is not happening yet in Sussex, at laest I have not seen any posative sign yet.

For Sika stag try an Achme predator call or a Screree Elk call, it can work a treat depending on the time of year and the weather. Practice with these calls is essential to get the pitch right.


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Ros Calls

Richard Prior produced an audio tape a few years back. This ran for about 20 minutes and gave a good all round idea of how to aproach roe calling. this inculded the sound of a number of calls including Faulhaber and Buttolo. He said that the best time to call is during warm humid weather, mid morning or early evening and windy weather was not good.
I have had equal success with the above calls but if buying Faulhaber buy the half set as the full set (four calls) is unnecessary for roe.
Jan Andrews has a good video on roe and Sika calling.
I too have seen no sign of the rut as yet.


There is a very good article on the DeerUk web site on roe calls and how to get the best results from the various types.


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Well i had a good evenings stalking and tryed out the roe call with good results ,the rut down my way is in full swing i saw at least 6 bucks and i bagged one of them one of the bucks i called in was a good beast but i decided to leave him as he was too good to take out .
i managed to call the buck i shot in to within 20 yards , not a bad beast .
:D :D :D


Hi all,

I use a Buttalo, I have called up does, foxes and even owls but never a buck although i have used it twice succesfully in the rut to stop a buck in his tracks. I suppose its all in the wrist :lol:

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during a trip out last night i was amazed to see a buttolo call used for the first time.

weather wasnt good, we stalked around for a while and eventally, on the boundry we bumped a buck and doe. a couple of pips on the buttolo had the buck coming towards us to investigate, a few more got him even closer (well within 20m, we were just crouched down in an open field). if he only hadnt have been on the wrong side of the fence....never mind, he'll be there again, lets hope i will ;)

my own buttolo is now ordered in preparation for the rut, and perhaps to use on the odd occasion like this. now i will have something to do on the motorway every day.. peep...peep.


a lesson in calling deer

Offroad Gary

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perhaps one of the more technically competant member of the site would like to create a better instructional video than this one i found and post it on the site?

alternatively, a practtical lesson in the field would be much appreciated ;)

all the best
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