Roe Deer close call.

Nowt new there!
Working a nigh shift on the South Esk viaduct at Montores in 2002.
I was going back to my parents house where I was staying the week when I saw the blinkin' roe buck in the distance.
Slowed down to 40 mph and even then the beast caught me unawares and came across the front.
Decided that it couldn't reach the opposite verge, skidded on its hooves and slammed into the work's van.
Front bumper/valance, bonnet, front grill, o/f wing, headlamp/indicator cluster all done in.
Not as bad as a mate who doing 70 on the A9 hit a stag and was launched about 30' thro' the air, totally wrecking the vehicle and ended up on hospital for a week.
The buck ended up getting butchered at my parents house.

What an explanation that was to the company vehicle dept.
Yes I had poor Bambi in the van but as I was taking it to the vets the poor thing passed away and my dad helped bury it on the farm he worked on - aye right!