Wanted: Roe deer stalking opportunities North Yorkshire Moors July 2013


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Dear all,

my family and I will stay a week around Pickering next year. Who could point me to an opportunity to do one or two days of roe deer stalking in that area?
I'll be there the first week of July 2013 (I know it's still quite a while, but being German, I like to make plans ;))

Looking forward to your advice,
thanks + best regards


P.S. would not be adverse to do some shooting of whatever is in season then.


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hi mate dont forget to post an introduction as site will come down on you as its the rules , on your stalking yorkshire deer stalking on here is good for roe around there but there will be others as well, atb wayne


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As above, suggest John Robson of YDS (Yorkshire Deer Stalking) from this site. He has a lot of land in and around Pickering with plenty of deer, also an accredited witness should you need it. Good company and highly recommended.