roe doe shot in April.

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Hi all,
I was down at Salisbury at the weekend when a roe doe was mistakenly shot. I'll try to post pictures soon, as she had the start of a set of antlers.
I remember reading about this when I did the DSC1 but it's the first time I've seen it first hand. Thankfuly it wasn't me who pulled the trigger.


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Roe doe shot in April

Hi Buckup,
I did it myself, about ten years ago one October.

It was late evening and I came across two bucks (as I thought) laying down in some clover. I looked through my binoculars and could see both with poor antlers and chose the one with the poorest antlers first and it went over to a neck shot.
The other one stood, turned to look at the one lying down and I took that also. It was not until the keeper and I went to dress them out that we realised that the first one was a doe.
I doubt that had I shot the other way round whether Iwould have noticed that one was in fact a doe in the failing light.
I have photos of the two heads and if I can scan them in and work out how to use Photobucket I will post them

Andy L

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Hi Buckup and techman, Just wondered, was it pregnant?
I am guessing that it is cause by a hormone imbalance and I doubt they can get pregnant.


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I was stalking near Kelso in February when a mate shot what was clearly a doe. However, on closer inspection, it had one antler growing out the centre of her head, much like a unicorn! The antler was an inch or 2 at the most, and he hadn't noticed it when he took the shot.

He boiled the skull out and I will try and get a pic.

It was quite an old doe and we wondered whether it does occur more in older animals?



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Roe doe shot in April

Andy, I will fill in with a bit more detail.
She was an older doe, going grey around the muzzle. Her antlers were about 4 inches long as I remember (havent found the photographs yet).
She weighed 46lbs clean (head and legs on) and there were two yellow bodies attached to the woumb. I have been told since that this does not necessarily mean that she was preganant.


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Below is a pic. of an antlered Doe which I shot here in Cumbria over 30 years ago.
I first saw it in May when out with an Irish guest, the rear of it was behind a huge beech tree but the belly line did not look normal for a Buck so I did not let him fire.
When it stepped forward the `anal tush` was visible and it was plain to see that it was a pregnant Doe.
I never saw her again until February of the following year when I chanced upon her by accident and took her into custody.
She had produced a fine Buck fawn.
Her weight was very high for that area and she was in excellent condition.
During the boiling process the velvet came off, the pedicles were small, thin and badly formed.
I have shot hundreds of Roe but only two Does with antler growth, my other one was little more than `button buck`style.
Picture shows a stiff carcase prior to me removing head and legs.