Roe doe with antlers


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At Morena's request I have moved this post from the pictures section to the welfare section:

Last Tuesday morning I shot this doe on an estate in Yorkshire. The animal has two velvet covered antler buds about 4cm high. They were almost walnut like in size and texture, underneath there were distinct pedicles. I have never handled an animal in velvet but would say the antlers were almost perruque type.

She had one of this years young in attendance.



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Hi mudman,
You are absolutely correct in describing it as a perruque head.Good photo.. As the initial growth of antlers is under oestrogen control it is only when testosterone begins rising that the antlers start mineralising and when it hits a peak that the velvet is frayed and the new antlers are shown. In this case the antlers would have continued growing all be it oddly still covered in velvet until either damaged and blow flies in the summer or even down over the eyes leading to inability to see.
Thank you for posting the photo.


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Below is a picture of an antlered Doe I shot many years ago.
The velvet came off after being badly steamed whilst being boiled.
I shot it in late Feb., it had a very fit male offspring with it when shot.
At 44 lbs weight it was heavy for this area.

The longest antler is 9cm , both are on very thin pedicles.