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Went out Monday evening to have a look for a buck and stay on for some foxing. Upon entering a small field I spotted a roe doe on her own. I watched her for a bit and waited for her to move off, when she did I noticed she had a really pronounced limp so I continued to watch her and took the decision to take her out of season. When I approached it was apparent that it was indeed the correct decision as when I turned over she had a horrendous wound on her underside which was fly blown and infected,about 40-50cm round with skin hanging off. Her front leg had a large wound and possible break.
The farm she was on is not a public area but quite small with a common to one side and a river to the other I cn only attribute it to a ferocious dog attack although not on the farm as there are no dogs allowed at all as it's a pick your own fruit farm. I appreciate that the animal could have travelled onto the farm and I have not Seen her previously. It's the first time I've seen this for real and to be honest I'm disgusted really that people would let there dogs do this

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to be honest I'm disgusted really that people would let there dogs do this
Well done for ending the suffering. We could all speculate forever on what the cause of the injury was. If it was a dog attack, it won't necessarily have been deliberate. We're all aware of those nice folk who routinely run their dogs on deer. However, I do wonder how many deer are attacked by pets, out of sight and control by their owners? Stalking on public access ground I've been lining up a shot on more than one occasion, only to have the deer run off by dog(s) entering stage left or right, at the run. Deer exit the scene with dog(s) in hot pursuit, with who knows what end result?