Roe Does

Heym SR20

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After not having seen a single beast for the last two / three weeks had a potter around my ground yesterday evening from 9pm till dusk

Saw a roe doe lying up in some long grass at the far end of a grassy field next to my ground. Watched her through the binoculars for 10 minutes and a lump of grass twenty yards away materialised into a fawn. Nice to see.

The field where I often see beasts now has horses grazing so by passed that. Then had a look inot the next field - now a sea of buttercups and bordered on two sides by oak woodland.

Another doe lying up in the middle. Stalked to within 150 yards and watched her. After about ten minutes she was still lying up watching something in the wood edge - shall we try something. Piece of grass between the thumbs and a couple of good squeeks. She ambles to her feet and could almost hear the "bloody children" muttered under her breath and came trotting towards me. She is looking around trying to find something - every time she pauses, I give another little squeek.

After a couple of minutes I just let her be. She starts nibbling grass again and slowly walks of inot the wood. Sun has now gone down, but half an hour of shooting light still left. Shall I stay and see if a buck comes out, or shall I go and have a look down the other end of the farm.

Decide on the latter - quickly walk back to the car, drive down to the other end. Walk quickly and quietly half way down the wood edge - a doe suddenly comes bounding across the wheat field from another wood about half a mile away - either spooked or being chased by a buck. I hang on for a few minutes to see what happens, but then the light and the midges get the better of me so go back home happy and content in the knowledge that there are some good does around to keep the bucks interested and I can be in bed before midnight and don't have the work of chopping up a beast first!


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I started to walk up to a High Seat the other evening, then it turned into a stalk, there was a Doe and a Kid feeding in the corn just in front of the Seat so I satisfied myself by watching it for a few minutes then decided to use another High Seat.
Typical evening, lots of Does and Kids but not a Buck in sight.