Roe from a Train

paul k

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I used the London to Bristol train for the first time for a long time yesterday, it's a great route for seeing plenty of deer on virtually the whole journey and it was a nice time to look for deer leaving Paddington at about 16:45 just as the light started to go.

Just between Didcot Parkway and Swindon I saw about 35 roe in about 5 minutes on the north side of the track. They were mostly in family groups of three or four but in one field there were at least 12 animals but the train passed before I could get an accurate count.

Now I wonder who has that ground.......? ;)

I have also seen deer ( fallow and muntjac) on a number of occasions on the Euston line, fallow not far from Beaconsfield and muntjac around Leighton Buzzard and another on the embankment outside Watford station.

Are there any other railway lines where you have a good chance of seeing deer?


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Hi Paul, I have a bit of ground just out of Didcot on the south side. Perhaps you could look out that side next time and let me know when you see some there as it is a bit out of my way usually. I work near Didcot and live west of there. I travel the country roads to the north of the line and like you I see deer regularly. However, most if not all the ground between Didcot and Swindon are pheasant shoots of some sort and it is usually the resident keeper that has the stalking. I know a few of them but don't think any are regestered on this site.


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birmingham snowhill- statford upon avon line only a locall railway line but from shirley onwards mainly muntjac and a few roe mornings are usually good, often a lot of fox cubs sat on the embankment aswell all the way along from may on

Rob Mac

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Hi Paul

I had to go to London yesterday for the first time this year - along the same stretch of line.

5 minutes before Swindon, out in the middle of a grass field was a muntjac, relaxed and stationary. I've never seen a muntjac standing still before!!! Just watching the train go by...

Great to see.



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If you want to see reds the journey between Inverness and Kyle of Lochalsh is great.


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East Field deopt in the centre of Glasgow, roe deer. Seen loads of others, but these were unusual as it was right in the middle of Glasgow. I have lso seen roe on the M25 hard shoulder and M6 hard shoulder in Cumbria.
You will see plenty of reds on the highland railway.

Best rgds