Roe in Heather


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Just an enquiry and request for help/advice a friend of mine who is a wildlife photographer is compiling a portfolio of Roe Deer as a species in various habitats we have plenty of access for animals in woodland, crops and typical habitat but have no suitable areas for Roe in heather.
Is there anyone who can assist with either locations or access where photographs can be taken, all sights will be confidential and any conditions imposed would be adhered to, there is also a financial offer in that if he could accompany a stalker he would pay the outing fee but only shoot with the camera.
Regards Terry


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No need to get a pro involved.
Get yourself down to Arne in Dorset. Plenty of Heather and Roe down there.


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I appreciate its a bit of a drive but they are welcome to come out with me.
Plenty of Roe on heather.
Photos of them posted in outings (May 2013) by 'Jackfish', when I took him out for a couple of beasts as a result of him being the successful bidder on a H4H charity auction.


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Thank you CVK and those who have PM'd me I will pass the details of how to contact you on, he has tried Arne and Wareham but is not able to get the right background etc as well as the disturbance from walkers added to which is the time frame re the heather.
Thanks Terry