Roe in the NE or Borders?

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Hiya fellas.

I'm new to stalking and would like to find somewhere in the NE or on the borders of Scotland to shoot Roe.

I've shot since I was boy and spent 6 years as a keeper on an estate in Durham.

I'm a BASC member and in the process of looking to do the DSC1.

Anyone got any pointers.


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Hi SteveOh,
I’ve been going to the borders for a few years now and go out with James Gillan, must of the stalking is forestry blocks in and around Hawick, Chesters and Denholme, and there is plenty of Roe, I stay with John & Hazel Jackson, James took over from John and from time to time John still likes to take the odd person out mainly people who have been going to him for years and the new people go with James, they are both great guys and very knowledgeable,
I will PM the contact details

Good luck



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Thanks for the reply fellas..

I'll phone them next week and see what the score is... :)
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