Roe rut

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This year the rut here in Suffolk was almost unnoticible, each year I seem to see less activity, F.C. rangers also reported less activity on their beats. I can remember the rut way back, about 10 years, calling bucks two fields away, coming to the call at a run. Of latter years it seems to have become very poor. Anyone had a good rut in their area, no pun intended, also best call for muntjac, any advice, I don't overuse my buttolo but I need to take out some muntjac, I've heard theres better ones than the buttolo


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unfortunately deerwarden
the fc guys are paid a premium to control numbers and instrumentally will probaly cause an influx of roe shot early season with less bucks then a short and less productive rut
they hav a job you do, and i am afraid it could boil down to our fun or their lively hood


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The rut on my ground in suffolk was very evident, it was slightly earlier than last year and seemed shorter than usual, but during the rut there was a lot of activity.

l do not have any FC ground near me but on ground that l pass l did not see any activity at all.
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