Roe sack liner


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You're very welcome. I should add that I pick them up from a local wholesalers but I think that they're the same ones. The sizes certainly match perfectly from what is on the box and the thickness/weight looks correct so I'm sure that they are.
Best of luck mate.

Erik Hamburger

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What works for me is this: Have a heavy-duty bin-liner in your roe sack, so any carcass goes in the bin-liner and then into the Roe sack (Which has its own liner). While the carcass is in the larder that bin-liner is kept for the slaughtering waste a few days later (skin, bones, meat off-cuts etc.) to take to the local tip.
Note that sharp bits of broken/cut bones (ribs, neck) or antlers sometimes pierce the bin-liner so you don't always manage to keep your roe-sack clean.

fallow me

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Just got 2 new liners heavy duty from monarch country supplies, welded and stitched seems, absolutely perfect 100% should last for years, made for there roe sack ,but i reckon they would fit many other makes