Roe sack

Paul 600

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She is in the process of making me a Sika sack with pockets with internal skirts and draw cords to stop the contents falling out. Very reasonably priced as well.


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I have one of the Harlika ones and they are good quality.



They are well made, decent sized pockets, the liner is easily cleanable, the back is padded, the straps are comfortable and don't dig in and the sides can be pulled in to narrow the width whilst stalking.


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C'mon John

What a let down!!!

No posing, No Zeiss Logos in sight, and where is Malcolm the model?

Mind...........I bet you can get loads of squirrels in a sack that big :rofl:

Thanks for your feedback on the initial field test - glad to hear the positive feedback & that the sack handles your big 50Ib Roe with ease :thumb:

For February I am offering a Roe Sack + FOC quality leather bullet pouch for SD members only so I will post all the details in the Classifieds section.




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hi rob its harry 243 it was my mate willie that was with john when photo taken said they are very well made so can you send your phone number will order one please h


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Santa brought me a Napier Apex Predator Roe sack/Stalking waist belt. I'm off out to try fill it as soon as the bloody weather become even slightly clement. I'll post a quick write up if anyone is interested.

All the best