roe sacks

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has any body seen ore used maybe even own a YOOL roe sack from bushwear would be interested in comments on one how big what can you get in one ect MUDDY


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ive had a yool for quite a while its good easily fits a medal buck, can be rolled up into trouser pockets or inbetween gaiter and leg ( dont know why i tryed that) i use it more than my harkila one and you forget its there when stalking, only bad point is that some of the stichings started coming undone :( but not the heavy stuff



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I had the same thing with the stiching coming undone but easily sorted and fits in my waistbag till needed, i got mine on ebay for £14 brand new so look around


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Got a Yool for this season,fits into large pocket of waistbag nicely.
Used it a couple of times and works well with no probs.
Good to wash after use :)


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Hi Muddy,
Just returned with two from Germany, They are posted for sale on here.

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