Available: Roe Stalking near Inverness


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Hello all,

Life has been very busy for last couple of months what with holidays ( Sunny warm Caithness and a similar Kenya !) and Stalking clients - - I was especially chuffed to get two clients their first Roe last week - - that's always a pleasure. Anyway before I head off again to Sharm on the 24th I need to fill a few gaps in the Diary !
So here's my usual advert - -

Roe Stalking for skilled or novice Hunters. Bring your own Rifle or you’re welcome to use one of mine. Instruction available if required. From only £80 per outing (Approx four hours). If an extra opportunity should arise after your successful stalk that would be fine, however you are restricted to two Roe per outing. No Trophy fees but a good bottle of Malt would be appreciated if you get yourself a decent one!

Approved Witness available for any of you undertaking your Level 2.

B&B at www.cromalbank.com - - with pickup from Airport or Railway Station if required. Reduced rates for Stalkers, £25 each, inc full breakfast ( can be a Hunter's one if you've been successful earlier !)
Plenty Roe about - - Good easy walking areas - - mixed arable with plenty woodland. Companions are welcome and you may take your Venison home with you at Dealer's rates. Here's a link if you want an idea of the ground - -
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It is mainly the woodland on the east side marching with the Fort George Ranges on the west.
Contact me, John Ross on 01667 462 166 or 07774 742 227 or cromalbank@aol.com for more info and available dates etc.