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For Sale: Roe Trophy Sheild & FOC Skull Mounting Bracket Deal

Stoney Creek - Purpose Built Shooting Clothing
Hi All

As the buck season is in full swing we all hope we will get the opportunity to take a nice or memorable trophy, so we have some quality trophy sheilds available along with skull mounting brackets to display long or short nose cuts.

Roe Trophy Shield + FOC Skull Mounting Bracket @ £11.50 + £3.00 p&p

  • Genuine oak with dark staining.
  • Moulded edging.
  • Recessed on rear for hanging hook.
  • Label on rear to record location, calibre etc.
  • 29cm x 17cm

Any interest just drop me a pm - more details can be seen at Large Roe Trophy Shields

Many thanks

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Hi Prometheus

I am actually about to place an order with the wholesaler for more dark oak and will be ordering natural oak as well, if you would like me to put you down for one just let me know and will be no problem.

Thanks for your interest.


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Rupert J

Well-Known Member
Hi Rob, I've just placed my order. Looking forward to it arriving as its for my best friend who came out with me and stalked his first buck. Regards, Rupert

Rupert J

Well-Known Member
Delighted with the shield; excellent quality, quick delivery and customer service second to none; thank you very much Rob.
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