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Hello, I thought i might post a few images of some fraying damage
that a buck has been doing on some ground where i keep my
caravan near Driffield, East Yorkshire.
I hope this will help some of the more less experienced or new
starter stalkers out there with what to look for.

These Oaks saplings were planted at the start of the year down
the side of a massive wheat field with a Hawthorn hedge to the right, creating what the farmer wanted in the middle, a grass walkway.
On my first visit which was in February i just happened to mention
to the farmer when we were leaving " did he have any idea where
i may be able to aquire some stalking ground"? to which his relpy was
" i have a family of deer on my ground destroying my new saplings".
This is just a very small amount of damage that he or they have been doing. Nearly every sapling down the field edge which would maybe
equate to 30 trees, have been rubbed up against. I have also seen
plenty of territorial scrapings and rubbings under the Hawthorn hedge, he or they are really active.
I have now got the job of trying to get this buck, wish me luck :eek:



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if you need luck wadas then were are all in trouble :lol:
glad you managed to get the permission needed to help sort the problem out
get in there my son :lol:

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It will be interesting to see if taking out the primary cause of the damage solves the problem or simply makes space for another one to come in.

It looks like the farmer might want to invest a few bob in some slightly more effective tree guards! :)


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Wads, you lucky bugger, and with a caravan already on site, tea close at hand :D
Well done that's a nice little pick up, you can take the family away for the weekend and go stalking.
If you can get some photo's of the other damage, scrapings etc then that would be good. basil has already said he has learnt from these so some more can only be good. Oh and of course one of the Gold medal head that is causing the damage would be good.

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