Roebuck medal?


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This is the biggest buck of my stalking career to date. Some may recall I shot it with a larder weight of some 21+kg back in April (the 11th, to be precise, so it's dried to it's final weight now I reckon) It's sitting at 505 grams just now, and if I've applied the formula correctly the score comes to 115.45 points, which technically should make it a Silver I think?

I don't know all the intricacies of scoring heads though, as this will be the first I submit. Are there any other factors to take into account, or does outright mass trump all other considerations?


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Weight and volume are the biggest factors in measuring roe.

I had one at 506 grams last summer and it scored less than 2 points from gold, so yours definately worth measuring it.

If you ask me , it will 100% score a medal ,it has good coronets, pearling and colour, but you won't know until you measure it.


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Weight, volume and length are by far the biggest factors. Pm me you email address and I can send you a copy of the CIC red book which tells you exactly how to measure them.