roebuck stalking after the rut


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Unfortunately I had to cancel my trip to my friends ground in Clackmannanshire with some beautiful heads I have seen earlier this year.It is even more dissapointing as he has seen a lot oft activity this week. I am planning to come back again from the 22nd August on for a few days. I know the rut will be well over by then.The bucks are lazy and hard to find.But I was stalking in Sweden at the same time a few years back, and we had no problems in finding the bucks,and we had a cracking time.What is your thougt and experience stalking bucks after the rut?Just in case I will bring my fishing rod for a days fishing on the Tay:)
All the best,Hubert


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I wouldn't be so sure about that, its not even shown signs o starting in some areas, certainly over this neck of the woods, and remember
you can also get a second bite at the cherry, with a second stint of rutting a little later towards September. (mostly younger bucks usually)