Roebucks in the Borders

Just back from salmon fishing on the Tweed. Too much water, with too much chocolate in it.:cry:
Very lucky to go out with amanda16 for a couple of mornings.
Great ground. Plenty of deer. :) Plenty of sun :) Plenty of rain:(
Got a nice buck almost at the last minute.:D
Tam certainly knows his stuff and his ground. Can't recommend him highly enough


I have to agree with all above, I am fortunate to live more or less on Tam's doorstep and use his ground a lot, I wasnt new to stalking in any form but have learned so much from him, he does certainly know his ground and his deer's habits well as he seldom fails to put me in the right place to see deer, like this morning when i took a six pointer after Tam's instructions to stalk down the forest road past two highseats then head up a planting track and wait at a small hump in among the restock as he knew there was a buck working the area, sure enough within 45 minutes a doe edged out from the standing timber to be followed 10 minutes later by the buck........ Thanks again Tam for another great morning.


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very kind words brno17 . it was great to see you again muntjacstalker and your more than welcome .
exmarksman why ??