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Sold: Roedale Delta .30 cal Moderator

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Monkey Spanker

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Selling my Roedale Delta up to .30 cal mod with a 1/2" x 20 UNF thread as sold by Sportsman Gun Centre here:
Only weighs 180 grams which is about 6 ounces!
It is currently with a local RFD (Essex/Suffolk) who could transfer it to another.
It has probably had about 200 rounds through it and is in excellent condition.
Looking for £110 collected but will transfer at cost.
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Is this a reflex type or can on end of barrel type please. Not sure fromm the web site blurb


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£100 ??? :eek: ???[/QUOTE

That is a bit of a bargain MS. I do hope they are not going out of fashion like the rifles on another thread.:D

No conciliation, I sold a very nice Jet Z for £150.00 at the time when couriers up here were playing silly buggers with pricing. It was stuck with my rfd for a month.
I thought the recipient (on here) had waited long enough,so told them to send it. Cost me £60.00 and the courier many customers.....:cuckoo:
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