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Hello british fellows,
Please apologize for my poor english, i live in east france, i use to bowhunt but my first vocation is "traqueur", i do believe it is the same as stalker, the hunters call me when they need to find out a wounded animals.
I have start with 12 gauge but since a while i am using a Marlin guide gun 45/70, very handy in the brush and more than powerfull enough to stop a large wounded deer or a huge nasty boar!

Mot man

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Hi there so so and welcome to the site,I believe the word you are looking for is tracker


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Welcome. Do you use a dog for tracking? Always interesting too hear about other peoples way of doing things.


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Bienvenue. Votre Anglais c'est mieux que mon Francais. Quel type de chien que vous avez? Je veux chien bavarois de montagne, mais Je vis dans une boîte à chaussures à Londres. Un jour peut-être.

J'ai visite Tignes en Janvier pour surf-niege. Il était superbe.

Avez-vous déjà chassé chamois?