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Hi everyone, introductions time!

This is my second post so please forgive me, I replied to a thread earlier that related to some problem animals that we have to deal with although it is my pleasure to give you all a bit of background on me here too.

Firstly, I'm an Englishman, originally from East Anglia but now residing in the Cotswolds and I've had an interest in guns and shooting since anyone can remember! It was a very black day when HM Govt deided to ban handguns as that was my first love, but I've had rifles and shotguns just as long and the handgun ban is what really galvanised me into persuing more hunting and stalking opportunities. BTW - this is me with an 'Outcast' from Namibia - Hyaena hunting is amazing sport!

Certainly, I have a commercial interest and have my own Hunting Agency ( representing Outfitters in and around the Etosha Conservancy of Northern Namibia, of which I am also a member. The Etosha National park is a dedicated game reserve some 110km x 60km wide and it's filled with everything from lion to elephant and so on - my farms cover the exterior perimeter of the Etosha National Park, so if you've ever been there or read any documentation on it, that's where I represent! I also have some outfitters in S Africa and have just taken on a 5 star wing-shooting resort in Argentina filled with doves and ducks - about 21 million of them, so if you fancy a bit of that - let me know!

More on me then - I've been around a bit as you'll probably have guessed, but at home I enjoy a bit of rough shooting over the fields as well as lamping for rabbit - I use an air rifle and a .22 rimfire for this, plus I do like a bit of deer stalking too and my FAC is endorsed for Estate Management, ground game and vermin control. Here's me with a huge trophy rabbit - lol

Guns - yup, i've got plenty of those too with my personal collection running from .22 to .375 H&H Magnum although my preferred rifle in Africa is actually my old 9.3x62 - wonderful all-round gun!

Accreditations - I've been a BASC member for years and am a member of Safari Club International also together with being a member of the Etosha Conservancy plus I've acted as a mentor to new shooters on behalf of Thames Valley Police, not that I'm bragging, it just gives you a flavour.

Apart from hunting I love to fish! I also have a hound (a fat lazy staffie-cross) and I'm a keen football supporter too - Arsenal - must be a gun thing!

OK, well that's me really, nice to meet you all and thanks for having me here!


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welcome aboard roo
good to see you hav made a positve impact already
we are a good bunch on here and always willing to help


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Many thanks, glad to be here. Sure I have a business interest in game hunting but I do try and keep my personal stalking separate and look forward to making some connections on here as I'm not a native of the Cotswolds and some shooting closer to home would be very welcome!

I'm also a pretty straight-forward sort of chap too and I've come across quite a few BS artists when it comes to hunting in Africa. I'm a big fan of Namibia and will be delighted to gie anyone first-hand advice on how to take firearms into the country and what steps you need to take - if you've not done it before, it's pretty simple, I'll gladly talk you through it!

Same this with advice and honest opinions too, so if anyone's got any qustons they've always wanted to ask - feel free to PM me or whatever, I'll do my best to help.

That's it really, don't want it to sound like an advert, lol!


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CLA - certainly will be - I need a new hat!

Does anyone here go to the Safari Club International do in Reno, NA in January? It would be nice to travelover with a bit of company next year?



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Welcome to the site, hope to read of some of your exploits in Africa.

Isn't a football supporter with a rifle, considered dangerous game :confused: :D



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LOL, Hi John, I guess that depends if we win or loose!

As for exploits in Africa, certainly, not 100% sure where to post that up and don't want to spam the board but certainly if you have any questions regarding specific species, feel free to fire it my way, I'll be glad to help where I can!

No, some feedback for you guys and again, I'm not sure of what sort of protocol you have in place here but I've been a member here for less than a week and I've already been out stalking with Wayne Davies - an experienced UK deer stalker and great company too - so thank you all for such a warm welcome - especially Wayne, - cheer mate, much appreciated!


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Hi Roo
No problem it was good to meet you, we'll have another look when I get back from Hampshire, see if we can find a bigger one ;)

Stone when has Andy ever been late :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :lol: :lol:

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