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Sold: Ross of London 4 draw telescope of 'L.J Hext' - part exchange for Lee Classic Loader .223

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Hi all,

I have a Four Draw Ross of London Telescope for sale. Est early 1900's. Very rare to find a four draw scope, especially one of this smaller size.

Owner's initials are 'L.J Hext'. Records show an officer of the same name serving the artillery corps in the Boer War as a Captain and the Syrian front in the Great War as a Lt. Col.

I have some old photo's showing all the guests with telescope cases slung round the shoulders. What would most likely happen was these scopes be used as 'props' for photographs, and the stalker being expected to lug a 2kg scope around and hand it over for a quick peruse once a stag had been glassed.


However, Ross was known as a maker of the best glass (Royal Warrant and Gold Medal at the world fair) and this is no exception. Sharp image is produced at approx 15x magnification.

Objective is approx 38mm. Fully extended with sunshade 55.5cm, collapsed 16cm. Weight is around 750g. Optics clean and clear, draw tubes showing good patina and no dents. Eyepiece with 'guillotine' style shutter.

Bears name of former owner, 'L.J.Hext' on first draw and case. Case is a bit worse for wear showing repairs and a brass locking insert missing, but it is the original case.

All cleaned and repacked by myself, I can also repack for free at any time in the future if postage is covered.

An excellent conversation piece of stalking memorabilia that still functions well.

I am looking to get £85 posted for it, or £65 posted if you have a Lee Classic Loader in .223 and good condition to part exchange. As usual a deal is available if you are in the Highlands.

Please feel free to ask questions.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

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