Rovince at the CLA


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Hi Guys, The CLA is only a week away now and things are looking good. For the first time at a UK gamefair Rovince will have a stand.:thumb: Both myself and the designer Rob Nijhuis will be on hand to discuss the full range of Rovince Gear so please come along and have a look. We are situated at the clay line end of gunmakers row so we will be easy to find. It will be nice to put some faces to names and meet some of you guys so please introduce yourselves as SD members. look forward to meeting up. Regards, Daz308.


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Hope you've got plenty of stock, i need to pick up 35 pairs of socks from you on sunday


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had a look at the clothing yesterday ,very stylish and well made with the benefit of anti tick coating.will buy a full set if they get some trousers that fit my calfs.great to meet up with a couple of the lads from sd.