Rowan Berries & Dogs

Heather Hugger

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How bad are Rowan Berries to dogs? I am getting various answers from the web. My pup ate some yesterday and following a dose of the Sh*ts and throwing up he seems to be ok.

Any advice will be helpfull.



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To dogs i am not sure but i can say 100% that they make great jam, marmalade and juice, i have eaten them raw when forraging (high vit c) but they are not so nice and some varieties can be v bitter, best if cooked, however most dogs i know have cast iron stomach's eating anything from chicken poo to rotten eggs..
hope its better soon.



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Don't want to hijack the thread but its a similar point.

Mine constantly pick wild raspberries off the bushes round here and eat a few when out for a walk. They never show any signs of an upset stomach so I assumed they won't be harmful???

Don't know about rowan berries....


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Think he should be fine! my cockers when they get the chance, eat rasp, wild strawberries, and rowen if fallen, without showing any ill effect.


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Have witnessed foxes eating all manner of wild fruit, inc Rowan. So I would apply the rule of thumb, if birds etc are eating stuff, it should be ok in small quantities for humans/dogs etc.