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For Sale: RPA Woodland Stalker Thumbhole 308 Cal c/w JETZ moderator


Well-Known Member
RPA Woodland Stalker Thumbhole 308 Cal c/w JETZ moderator
This is an incredibly accurate and compact hunting rifle in 308 calibre.
This rifle was purchased direct from RPA end of 2012, built to order and proofed with the JETZ moderator, which is included as a package. It has a thumb hole stock with length of pull adjustment.
The legendary RPA action and Quadlite bolt face for super smooth round cycling.
RPA two stage trigger is a delight to use. Three and ten shot magazines are included.
Standard weaver bases allow simple scope mounting – see photo with Warne mounts (not included).
A very compact hunting rifle with a 16” fluted border barrel with satin nickel coated finish.
The barrel was carefully run in and has seen less than 200 rounds, groups sub ½” with factory Sako 150 grain ammunition.
The short barrel design drops the velocity slightly on 308 rounds which allows the soft point bullet to fully expand and do its job for humane culling as proven on all UK deer species.
Supplied with bolt uncocking tool, bore guide and thread cap. Scope, mounts and bipod in photos is NOT included.
Some very minor scratches / cosmetic marks on the stock (see photo) from stalking use.
A reluctant sale and priced with the moderator as a complete package to sell.
New rifle RRP £2990 plus £330 RRP for moderator so £3,320 total so great value at £2,895 ONO to buy and enjoy a high precision British designed and engineered rifle.
No P/X or time wasters please. Please ensure that you have a 308 rifle and 308 moderator slot on your FAC.
Advertised on guntrader and elsewhere so may be withdrawn for sale at any time.
Thank you and please PM if any questions.

.View attachment 65190View attachment 65191View attachment 65192View attachment 65193View attachment 65194View attachment 65195View attachment 65196

Price £2,895 ONO for rifle and moderator only with magazines, bore guide etc. as photo (but no bipod, scope or mounts).


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Completely agree great rifle, so compact for woodland stalking.
If anyone is concerned about a barrel length of only 16", then don't be, The bullet velocity drop against a 24" is around 200fps, not really noticeable at woodland shot distances.



Well-Known Member
Final price reduction....

Bare rifle £1,995 and will do a deal to include the JETZ moderator too. Please private message if interested, thanks.

Also on guntrader and elsewhere so first come, first served etc.


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The rifle and moderator are now back for sale on here and on guntrader.

Price for bare rifle £1,750, price to include JETZ mod £1,850

Face to face only, can't RFD sorry. Mod not for sale separately and no swaps, thank you. Happy to hold with deposit if waiting on FAC / variation. Please PM if interested. I am off Jct 12 M3 Eastleigh.


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RPA Rifle is still for sale, price above for rifle only or price including mod. Happy to hold with deposit if waiting on FAC / variation. Please PM, Regards Paul