RS 62 Load .243


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Hi All,
New to handloading , but I thought I'd post my load data. Due to a lack of data had to wing it a little.
But here's my findings so far .
243 win , 87grain Vmax , once fired Hornady brass , CCI 200 Primers .
Rifle - Howa sporter
Initial testing showed pressure signs at 44.4 grains (shiny ring around base)
Settled on 44.2 grains with an O.A.L of 2.70".
Using Strelok + (no chronograph ),gives a velocity of 3097 fps.
I am planning a little more development when time allows but accuracy is pretty good.

What's safe in my rifle may not be in yours .
Stay safe.


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Hi, Thanks for the concern , there's data for 85 grain ,I used that as the starting point and loaded in inc
rements of 0.2 and progressed with caution. As I said the 1st sign of pressure was a slight ring on the base.
I have no mentor so I'm cautious to say the least.
Their burn chart lists it on par with imr4350 and although there's little on line, I did get hold of there Load Data manual.
I'm happy with the results so far and RS62 is listed as
suitable .
I'm not one to always follow others ,but I take safety seriously.
Please don't think I'm flippant. I did 3 months of reading up on hand loading before I took this on and without data somebody has to give it a go .So why not me ?
Really enjoying handloading though.
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