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My tr140 is coming to an end i have been advised that rs50 swiss is a direct swap but i cant find data for 22-250 with 50gr bullets is there any one using it


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Have a look at Rs52, I’m going to try that next in the 22-250. with 50 - 55 grain bullets. Equivalent to N540, slightly faster than varget. Malxwall did a bit of a post on ukvarminting with it. I’m going to start at about 35 grains with 55gn Varmagedons with hopefully seeing something useful by the time I get up to about 37grains.
I've used it in the 7mm-08 quite a bit now without any problems.
I think from memory that RS marketed RS50 in the U.K. as TR140 when they first set up here. But I’d always take heed of the 10% rule even with batches of the same label. So work it back up again.
Borbals P-max program lists all of the RS powders and should give you a ball park figure to play with.
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