Ruger 77 M11 mag conversion


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I am looking at a laminated stocked mk11 30-06 to buy And was wondering how easy it would be to convert it from a floor plate to a box mag and also an idea on cost of the works etc.
Also does the 77 have any accuracy/reliability faults ?


Eric the Red

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I've not seen a 77Mk2 mag conversion - but might be interested in one myself. Rifles are reliable and in my experience unfussy with ammo. They will benefit from a proper bedding job and free floating - if not - wathc the consistency of the touch point in the forend and do not overtighten the front screw as this can create accuracy issues.

Red stag

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I have had a M77 in .243 for years and I must say the gun is spot on it's had hundreds of rounds through it and still looks and shoots like new !
The trigger is a bit stiff but breaks nice !
I don't mind the floor plate as there are for and against Re separate mags