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For Sale: Ruger M77 .223 Stainless and Plastic Rifle £450 or best offer...


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Ruger M77 .223 Stainless and Plastic Rifle £450 or best offer... Now reduced

Now need to sell ASAP as recently found out I need to have a serious operation in next few weeks and sadly won't be stalking for some considerable time..or much else..
Any fair offers considered ... It is a cracking Rifle if you want a .223 at this type of price bracket you won't be disappointed ..I paid around £600 and rarely used it ..

Looking for £375 for thRifle with scope collected . . My RFD will pack it for shipping but you will need to send a courier via your RFD at your cost as mine cannot ship economically as he does not send many rifles out.
If you pick up you can have 2 unopened boxes of Winchester deer Ammo for 25 quids... How nice am I call it an early Chrimbo pressie your missus has no need to know as what happens on SD :D

I am selling my .223 Ruger M77 in Plastic and Stainless, it is screwcut & comes fitted with a decentish scope, and if you pick up, 2 full boxes of Winchester ammo & maybe one or more part boxes need to route through the safe..

I do also have a T8 moderator that I did use on this rifle, but did not originally come with it, bit old well used but would probably part with if wanted by the buyer at a very fair cost... I believe you can trade it in for a half price new one still? If buyer doesn't want may sell separately .. also at gun shop with rifle.

I can't remember the exact make the scope is think it's look at the pics it's a Jap Nikko one, Gameking? but is entirely fine and works well, I have shot several foxes & half a dozen Roe, all neck shots .. so it does the business well only selling as

a) Want a 25-06 Custom Rifle


b) It is at our local gun shop where I left it for sale when I went away travelling thinking I could get my rifle back if it didn't sell to find out until today I needed a **** grrr ing variation for the rifle I already own to go back on my FAC which will take 12 weeks!!!!
or I was going actually keep it now.. :rolleyes:

So it is easier just to sell on and get my variation for 25-06 sorted now..

It has had very little use from me and I bought it off a dealer friend who told me it hadn't even shot a box of ammo from new by the previous owner, I cannot substantiate this but have no reason to doubt it either as he has never misled me in the past.

I have used a couple of boxes of decent quality ammo, in my ownership
Seems super accurate, and even I can use it as a tack driver ... making Jayb's derisory comments about my shooting abilities a thing of the past :D20160321_155942.jpg20160321_155956.jpg

It is at BELPER TACKLE & GUN at Belper, Derbyshire .. I would imagine it can be posted to your dealer for a fee... they had one sent there for me to pick up last year so presume they can do other way round.. if you wish to call directly call ask for Andrew or Emma and say it is Rob's rifle you are interested in.
The gun shop say they can send to a dealer near you if they can send a courier to pick up from Belper Guns..as they are a small local shop it is to costly for them to send as cost goes on how many guns sent and they rarely post fireams.

Or just PM me with a contact I will get back asap.
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Have a bump on me.
Great little rifle which I used for roe and foxes in Scotland many moons ago.


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Due to all the complexities of our silly postage system my RFD could not ship to the buyer, so it is up for sale again .. still at the gunshop .. now due to illness I am having to sell a lot of my "toys" over the next few weeks as I won't be stalking much next year.. if all goes well it will be a year or so ..
So it will have to be collection only or you can arrange for it to be picked by your RFD'S courier.. any sensible offers considered if you are in the area picking up I have at least 2 boxes of unused decent Winchester ammo I will throw in as it's no use to me.


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Blinkin eck said fair there are 2 boxes of unused Ammo cost over forty quid. If you just want thr rifle do it for 350 or 400 you can have scope and ammo


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Could do with shifting this now as just sat here recovering from surgery, looking like I will have to seriously rethink my stalking. I gave over 600 quid for the set up it is a nice rifle.
If anyone wants a cheap as chips cracking rifle and want to pick up it can go for £375 with scope .. You will have to pay postage if you want it shipping through your own RFD.
If you pick up for an extra 25quids will throw in two boxes of ammo.. Cannot be any fairer than that!