For Sale: Ruger Precision Rifle .308


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Ruger Precision Rifle, first generation in .308. 1200 rounds down the barrel, still shoots lights out. Boxed with all the paperwork.

The bolt has been cerakoted in Cobalt and has the upgraded aluminum bolt shroud and a Phoenix bolt removal tool. 2x ten rounds magazines are included.

Red and white detailing on the receiver is in nail polish (got some funny looks buying that I can tell you!) so can be removed if not to your taste.

Great rifle, well loved and looked after. Served me well out to 1100m at Lydd. I’m only selling as I’ve picked up a .308 barrel for my AI, so the Ruger doesn’t get a look in anymore.

£900 or may trade/px for a Sako 75 or 85 in .308.

Located in East Sussex

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