Running a Bit Late


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Every year in January, the month of my birthday, I have a little ritual. I change the batteries in the locks on my ammunition and rifle safes. Then I oil my walnut stocks. This year, because of family commitments, I'm running a bit late but now it's done. I have four rifles and a shotgun with walnut furniture. None of them are stunners but if you look carefully in the right light, nice grains can be perceived. I have a couple of laminates as well, one of them a veritable work horse, and they are wiped off now and again.

The look and feel of a well-oiled walnut stock can't be beat.


keith rippin

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In truth you are feeling/touching the surface of a polymer... not wood.:stir:
Sorry but I don't understand this comment - surely if you have an oiled walnut stock you will be touching the wood. I use powdered pumice as a grain filler with various oils (Trade Secret is current favourite now that Purdey's Warthog oils are no longer available) hand rubbed so the oils soak into the walnut and any excess oil on the surface is burnished off.