rust on mod thread?

Fursty Ferret

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Have a sonic mod for the 6.5.
Only had rifle and mod for a week and although its been out every day, the last couple of days there has been rust residue on the barrels thread when i remove the mod at end of stalk.
I clean the thread right away and lightly oil. But every time i put the mod back on it squeeks on last couple of turns and leaves the rust on the barrel thread when i take it off.
Do you reckon i should strip the mod and grease the thread on inside of mod (its a overbarrel)?


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I always grease the barrel thread as my own did get rusty from the previous owner never taking the mod off.


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Put more oil on the barrel thread screw and on the mod.
Prop up the rifle with muzzle down, leave it a while and then partly unscrew the mod and prop it up again.
Hopefully some of the oil will percolate down to all the threads.



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I use Liquid Moly. It coats the threads a bit like vaseline, and lasts for a good few attachments and removals. I also smear parts of the bolt which are inclined to run a bit dry ( not the bolt head!) I'm not sure what its proper purpose is, but I bought it in a gun shop. I have also used a semi hard grease supplied for the springs on auto shotguns.


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you need the clean the mod threads that are farthest in, remove any rust. if that doesn't stop the squeeking on the last few turns, I'm guessing the barrel threading just ain't right, you could always run a die over it to make sure it's not the barrel threads that are off.