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Erik Hamburger

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With a few blank outings and no response to calling 20-25 July, things are improving now. Evening Stalks 20.00-22.00 Hours.
  • 26 July: (between 2 Stalkers) 1 Roe buck called in, shot; and 5 Muntjac responding to the ROE call, of which 3 were shot.
  • 27 July: No Roe responding at all but 1 Muntjac doe being quite curious, shot.


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Its commonly called Western Red Cedar but since that's 3 words people say Thuja a fair bit. A remarkable wood -very light, very warm for a building (because it contains so much air) yet it makes shingles to rival our Sweet Chestnut in decay resistance. In other trivia it contains Alpha Thujone which american indians used to give them visions in their sweat lodges and which also turns out to be the "green fairy" chemical in the wormwood in Absinthe. I was in a wood, so the canopy at the base was not as dense as the tree in the picture, so I could see the buck well. Thuja is a good dark tree to have at your back when you are standing on the ground.
And when milling Thuja the sawdust can be toxic I seem to remember from my forestry days?


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Out last night and this morning in North Lancashire. Only thing seen was does on their own. We have gone from one extreme in heat to another, 28 degrees and still last week to wet, windy and temperature below half of that!

Weather looks dry and 18-20 degrees C next week so should be right, usually the peak week around here


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Buttalo call didn't give any success last night. Soon noticed a buck within about 150 metres of me who had seemingly been laid up whilst I was tooting away. He wasn't interested in the slightest - although gave him the good news none the less. Perhaps just a touch too early with us ... will keep a look out over the next couple of days.



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In the end off the morning we sore 3 does a young buck. Nothing came to the call. I did have a parking ticket for parking in the same place I've been parking for over 15 years. Road changes ( Nice )

The fourth Horseman

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Still nothing happening South Linc's. Calling morning, early afternoon, evening for a week now. Not intending to shoot as we only have odd ones. Even the Munties aren't interested.


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Near Newton Stewart des are coming in to call most buck uninterested
Shot a buck that was just out feeding
Was tormenting a couple of does with the call last night on and off for 30 mins then a good buck came running over the hill and didn’t even slow down I had to call him and stand up he stopped 20yds away that’s all it needed


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The rut appears to be on in East Berkshire. Plenty of chasing and I saw a buck repeatedly cover a doe, albeit after dark. They are British, after all.

Erik Hamburger

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29/07: NW Gloucestershire, nr The Forest of Dean:
A Roe buck (Old , heavy animal, head very low down) did show some interest in the call but stayed well out of my reach, patrolling up and down the area, but never presenting a shot. Seen two Roe does as well, and a few Muntjac in deep cover, but went home empty-handed.


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Seemingly little interest in the call last night in West Berkshire. Had one nice 6-pointer come up to me and bark, but feel that was more coincidence than the rut.

Saw some footage this morning from the keeper, though, showing a buck following a doe, so will see how things transpire over the weekend.

Magnificent 7

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Similar area - Lancs / Garstang - had a buck come into the call last night but he was on his own not with the doe I could see a good way out the other side of the wood. Nowt this morning so far!
Might go for a little look shortly see if anything about and the area turns up another gimp lol


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It’s starting in Aberdeenshire. On way out last night had a buck chasing a doe across the road in front of me. Shot two bucks with does and saw plenty of sign in the wood where they have been chasing, never tried the call but a friend brought one bounding in with 3 squeaks two nights ago and also had footage on his trail cam of chasing and a buck mounting a doe although both were late on in the dark/early morning as light was coming up.


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Lots of interest to the call from two bucks in Somerset last night - I was taking an unarmed wander locally but had the call with me to see if there are any responses.

Typically it has coincided with a slightly freak summer storm raging the last 12 hours or so with very high winds and no opportunity to get out - ho hum.
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