Rutting fallow heard today

devon deer stalker

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Pretty early but the fallow buck was going for it big time today in the Teign valley in Devon, i was distracted as i was supposed to be guiding a couple of fly fisherman on the river but was mesmerised by the sound coming through the tree's
Anyone else heard any?


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I shot a buck at the weekend and whilst he was a good weight, with a chunky neck on him, he didn't smell in the slightest bit rutty......


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reds are hard, walked into a great big buck on Friday , still in velvet, but the forest tends to be behind everywhere else due to poor feed values.


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First red stag clean here July 20th, same day as last year. Stags have been roaring since last week in August, saw a hind served earlier this week.
But this is a farm, not in the wild.