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Was out Tuesday eve, found myself a buck n doe mating, they were up and down, back and forth, everytime they stopped he was quartering or facing away, just as he was about to present the shot another buck turns up then all bloody 3 were chasing around the 2 fields in front of me,, watched them through the binos doing the same off boundries til I lost the light, one of them did come by me but too dark to see if it had antlers, was good to watch all the same, I couldnt get it too come to the buttalo, always found them inconsistant anyway, was no surprise :doh:


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Don't worry you're not alone. We were out on Tues too and could get the does to come but not the buck. He was busy barking and thrashing in the distance but wouldn't come in. The 2 does came in so close they eventually spooked before the buck ever caught up. Didn't really mind though, the buck didn't need taking out and it was great to see the does so close. We went and successfully caught up with some fallow bucks instead.


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Its not all about the shot, watching what you described with the uncertainty of having a shot or not is priceless and i bet the adrenalin was pumping anyway.


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Been out again this evening, just got in,different venue, saw some activity, wouldnt come to the caller :rolleyes: grrr
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