rws 108 gr


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good evening ,does any one have any load data for the rws 108gr cone point for the 6.5x55 .i have tried n165 and had no luck,also these are very short bullets so will always be well below my normal bullet seating depth.i have search the internet and can not find any reference to the rws 108 gr other 108grs are longer!thank you.

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can you measure the OAL with the bullet seated a full calibre depth?

I put 2.650" into Quickload

N165 and N160 are too slow

N550 looks interesting
45gr gives 94.4% case fill
98% burn
Efficiency of 25.1%

drop to N150 and the pressures rise much faster
44gr gets you 3016fps but over pressure


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good morning e r ,i have measured the oal with 6.5 mm inside the case and it gives me an oal of 2808" and it looks like all the powders i have are too fast,n133/n140/n540/varget or to slow n560/n165 so will be shopping for a different powder so any help with the choice would be good .thank you.

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OAL - 2.808"
57gr H2O

49gr N160
105% compressed
48800 psi (55k max)

could stretch it up to 49.5 and 105% compressed for 2960 and 50k psi

41.5gr N140
87% fill
52k psi

Not ideal powders but usable!

N550 (above)
RS52 (44.5gr 52k psi and 3075fps)
RS50 (45.5gr 53kpsi and 3029fps)
RS60 (49gr 51kpsi and 3081fps)
Ramshot Hunter (49.5gr 53.5kpsi and 3111)


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good afternoon and thank you.i do have rs52 but thought it too fast but looks like it may be of use.i will load some with n140 and see how it goes.would i be correct in thinking these are max loads?


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Just a thought but I know that Viht has load data for Sierra 100 grain HP. You should be OK if you start on min load and work up carefully......