Wanted: rws 22lr subsonic


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looking for 1000 rws 22lr subsonic if vany one knows of any,other than dauntsey guns ,prefer oxon/berks but let me know if you know of any one who has 1000+ many thanks


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It's prob the wrong end of Oxon for you but Banbury Gunsmiths normally have plenty of RWS HP Subs

Donaldsons Gunsmiths in Milton Keynes also do them. I was in there the other day and they held a very good supply of various ammo but as ever ring before you make any journey.

Neither are particularly close to you but are the last places I have seen RWS Subs.


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I have a brick of 500 RWS Club, this is ‘standard’ velocity which is subsonic.
My new 22 semi prefers SK ammo.