Rws 7rem mag ammo

Danny rem mag

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Morning chaps. Has anyone had experience with this factory ammo or even just the bullets? I can't remember what the name is, but it is an unusual shape, a very sharp angled head (olgive?) in sp of course. Might have a stock up as my mate that reloads for me is moving to Scotland soon:lol:

Hales Smut

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A good shooting friend has a 7mm Rem Mag. I've shot the rifle frequently, also shot a very large boar. No probs. Rifle is an old, cheap, Rem 700 ADL but very accurate. He has used both 11.5 gram TIG and 10.5 gram KS . Both very good, but I prefer the TIG ( now called ID Classic). He now uses the Norma 11 gram PPC Vulkan because it's cheaper and also very good.
RWS ammo is mostly very good.