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I am thinking about reloading my own ammo - mainly to save some pennies so that I can justify shooting targets etc a bit more.

Appreciate that cases are different by brand, but I have always used RWS 243 ammo and have lots of once fired empty cases. Can I use these as the basis for reloading and working up loads, or is reloading data very specific to one brand of case?


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rws brass

It's good stuff I use it. You will need to work up your loads. I have found that with the speer data even at max load i get no pressure signs and normally better accuracy the higher up the load wieght i get. You will need to check your zero when you change the headstamped loads (ie loads in rws cases to fed cases)and work up each different brand of brass you use. The re19 you have for the 7mm08 is ok in 243. 45 gr pushes a 90 gr bullet at 3025 41 gr pushes a 100 gr bullet at 2925 (alliant data)



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I had some R.W.S. [GECO] brass given to me by a friend and use it in my Sako Varminter .243 with Vit. N140 powder and the V.Max 75gr bullet.
Good brass !
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