S&B 7x50


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Having bought a fixed 8x50 from a member on here, it has become my 'go to' scope, relegating my 'bells and whistles' 2-12x50 to the cabinet. I'm thinking of biting the bullet and selling the latter and buying another fixed. Does anyone have any/much experience with the S&B 7x50, the illuminated model in particular?

Grateful for your thoughts.


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The S and B 7x50 is a nice scope you cannot go wrong with one. I prefer the non illuminated version less to go wrong. Macleod of Tain had one last I looked at their website... its been a while though. They cost a few quid more than the 6x42..... hard to beat the 6x42 either in my opinion.


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I have a Kahles 7x50 and it is brilliant the furthest I have used it was a 145 Metres shot on a roe in early light on a 30-06 and it dropped on the spot and this was before my double cateract operation so the light gathering ability is exceptional and has nothing internal to go wrong with variables etc.


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as a matter of preference i always prefer a fixed power if situations allows. My go to Foxing scope and open country roe scope is a IOR 10x 56mm with MP8 reticle and my red hind open hill scope is a 10 x 42 IOR again with a MP8 And my general purpose scope is a Zeiss variable i think you migrate to what suits you best through experience until you get bored